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      1. Shandong's tourism sector surges in new year
        chinadaily.com.cn 2022-03-18 11:47:17

        East China's Shandong province witnessed a boom in the culture and tourism sector in the first two months of the year, with the order volume up 31 percent year-on-year, according to statistics released by China's major online travel agency Ctrip.

        The local government has released a wide range of innovative measures to spur the high-quality development of its culture and tourism sector, and launched a slew of distinctive culture and tourism products such as ice and snow tours, and rural tourism to meet the diversified needs of consumers.

        The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have inspired people across the country to engage in winter sports, which has in turn boosted the growth of ice and snow tourism.

        To commemorate the Chinese Spring Festival and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Shandong launched a wide range of activities and diverse tourism products combining winter sports, sightseeing, folklore experiences, and hot spring bathing during the winter season, which has helped promote its cultural brand"Friendly Shandong."

        Thanks to the local government's efforts, the sales related to ice and snow tourism in Shandong experienced a sharp growth of 559 percent year-on-year from December 2021 to February this year, according to statistics released by Ctrip.

        Rural tourism was also highlighted in Shandong during the period.

        The major responsibilities to thoroughly push forward rural regeneration were specified in the newly issued"No 1 Central Document" for 2022, the first policy statement produced by China's central authorities each year.

        Rural tourism is playing an important role of advancing Shandong's rural revitalization. The province set up 285 tourism villages last year, and sales related to rural tourism increased by 50 percent year-on-year in the first two months of the year, which will not only promote the province's culture and tourism sector, but also help increase local farmers' incomes. 

        Tiangu Mountain in Yantai, Shandong province boasts magnificent natural scenery. From June through September, the scenic area organizes camping activities, which include viewing the sunrise on the mountain, barbecue, and campfire parties. [Photo/WeChat account: ytwlgw]




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